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Ross Rant

Mr. Ross publishes a private newsletter, known as the Ross Rant, covering all types of issues related to real estate finance, the capital markets, and the ramifications and unintended consequences of political decisions. It also covers other matters that may affect the general economy and real estate. These newsletters are very limited in distribution. They contain very valuable insights into, and predictions of, various topics of current interest such as financing strategies, the latest information, interpretation, implications and likely outcomes of recently announced or contemplated government programs, lender distressed debt strategies, as well as long term trends for the economy, the financing markets, and real estate values. These valuable insights are meant to educate readers in a very frank and easy to understand style, about some of the complex financial structures and instruments that are now creating such problems. Readers use this information to help them analyze their own situations and to make better informed decisions. The behind the scenes information and predictions are designed to assist readers in planning and decision making. It also assists those not in the daily financial markets about how the markets function and what some of things they read about really mean. Due to Mr Ross many years in the market, he has not only his own deep experience in the middle of much of the action, but he also has numerous well placed high level sources who are long standing relationships, who are able to provide insight and information that is not generally available to others. Click here to see several Ross Rant examples.

Hotel News Now Column

Mr. Ross is also a regular columnist for a web based hotel industry internet daily, His columns cover all types of subjects related to hotel financing and trends for distressed hotel opportunities, hotel performance, the market situation for refinancing. Several thousand hits are recorded for most of his columns which generally appear weekly. For a sampling of his past columns, click here .

Globe St. Blog

Ross Rant is now a featured blog on Globe St which is the leading real estate industry web based news letter service with 45,000 circulation. To view the Globe St. blog, click here .


The Ross Rant is available for a nominal annual subscription price of $300. Rants are delivered by email as they are issued, which may be daily, weekly or whenever Mr Ross determines that there is an event or news item which justifies commentary, which is frequently. There is no set schedule.

Subscribers may get a full refund if they are not satisfied during the first thirty days.

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